The Boat & Crew

Sailing Aboard the Mistress

Mistress is a 42’ Hallberg-Rassy, known far and wide for its sturdy construction, superb craftsmanship and signature seaworthiness.  Mistress is designed to carry 10 passengers, is easy to handle and globally respected for its elegant lines and spirited performance.  It is a comfortable sailboat enjoyed by young children to folks in their 80s.  Mistress sleeps 7 people and has all the comforts of home.  Very comfortable both below and above deck.  There is a heater that keeps the boat warm when needed.  Pictures of her are shown in the Photo Gallery below and throughout this website.  

Meet the Crew

Bob started sailing as a young boy in 1972 in Barnegat Bay on the New Jersey shore on the family’s 12’ Sea Devil. Bob got to know the stunning Maine coast working as part of the deck crews aboard several Maine Schooners including the Angelique, Appledore, Mary Day and Surprise. Bob has chartered a significant number of sailboards on the Maine coast.

Abby's love of sailing began in college when she took a nine week semester at sea sailing around the Caribbean and up the east coast aboard The Spirit of Massachusetts. Abby and Bob have taken many sailing courses together with the highlight being an offshore sailing training program in 2016 for some 1,600 miles from Svalbard to Iceland in the Norwegian sea aboard Mahina Tiare III a Hallberg-Rassy 45’ sloop.

Abby and Bob have owned and sailed Mistress since 2014. They consider it to be their calling and deep joy to be able to share their boat and these retreat sailing experiences with all who come aboard.

The Meaning Behind our Name "BroadReachMinistries"

A “Broad Reach” is a sailing term and refers a position of the sail while sailing. There is also a fun double-entendre in the name with meaning your experiences on this retreat will have positive far-reaching effect into your worship preparation and soul care work. The ministry of Jesus Christ has a broad reach.