July 12, 2019

An abundant, creative, delightful life is yours!


 We were all born to play and soar, to experience amazing joy and achievement in every dimension of life.  

Join us for this special one day retreat


Facilitator Rev. Dr. Kirk B. Jones  will teach you how to replace  beliefs that limit you with truths that enliven you, and inspire your soul's free flight. 

Have the Most Important Conversation of All


Using the book  Soul Talk you will explore 7 enlivening steps for creating and continuing soulfully satisfying self-communication. 

You Were Born to Soar!


 Kirk inspires others to embrace their deeper spiritual energy, thereby unleashing new and dynamic creative power. Such empowerment is not limited to "the few and favored," it is the birthright of us all as children of God  

Let the Holy Spirit Fill Your Sails


This retreat will take place both on land by the banks of the Saco River and at sea on the Atlantic aboard sailing  on one of two sloops on Saco Bay, Wood Island & Biddeford Pool.

You were born to play!


Dr. Jones is married to Mary Brown-Jones. They have 4 adult children, 3 grandchildren, and reside in Randolph, MA. When not engaged in the holy play of his labor, he enjoys leisurely fun,most especially: reading, journaling, listening to and learning about jazz, playing video games,and beholding sunsets. 

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Soul Talk Itinerary

Soul Talk Itinerary (pdf)


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