Monday July 20, 2020


The Art of Sacred Storytelling

Our Sacred Stories have the power to inspire, engage and transform. Using prayer, imagination and practice in a supportive community we will learn the art of Biblical Storytelling.  It is easier than you think!


Why Storytelling?

The Gospel message is released in new and fresh ways when followers of Jesus practice and develop the ancient art of oral storytelling.   Jesus spoke in parables, teaching us through story.  Storytelling is a powerful way in which we can share and connect to the reality of God’s ever present and active love in our lives. 


Join Storyteller & Pastor AbbyLynn

Return with confidence ready to share your storytelling skills with your family, friends, in the Sunday school classroom, youth group event or Sunday morning worship. 


Sacred Storytelling Lab Video

Check out this video to see an example of Biblical Storytelling.   You are invited to read the scripture first and then watch the video: John 1:43-52

Join us for this retreat and learn how you too can share stories like this one.


AbbyLynn's Bio (pdf)


Sacred Storytelling Lab Itinerary (pdf)