Saturday September 12, 2020


YOU can learn to lead a retreat! This is a “learn by doing” day away. As you enjoy a day retreat off the coast of Maine aboard the beautiful Mistress, we will explore the craft of developing, planning, and leading a retreat that is renewing and refreshing. This day offers opportunity for your own spiritual renewal through silence and reflection as well as the opportunity to enjoy fellowship, learning, and laughter.


A retreat provides the chance for us to experience God in a new way. As we literally sail away from our busy lives, we will be invited to experience God’s refuge and strength. We can learn more about God’s welcome and healing presence as we immerse ourselves in the beauty of God’s creation. Retreats allow us to answer Jesus’ call to “come away to a quiet place.” Renewed by God’s Spirit, we can return back to shore with fresh ideas and energy.


Rev. Dr. Susan J. Foster (Sue) is a UCC pastor and experienced retreat leader. She is passionate about encouraging people to lead retreats which will expand the creative spirit of participants.

Each retreat participant will receive a free copy of the book Retreats to Go: Twelve Creative Programs that Renew and Refresh by Susan J. Foster




Leadership Retreat Itinerary (pdf)


Sue's Bio (pdf)