July 13 & 14, 2020


Few of us know how to navigate our way through the changes and challenges of life transitions as powerfully and competently as we wish we could.

In fact the very thought of making a change can be so overwhelming for some of us that we stay stuck where we are instead of risking stepping into the possibility of what might be.


Join Coach & Pastor Peter Ilgenfritz

In this small group setting, we'll explore how the practices of sailing can not only help us find our way in seasons of change but also make of them true times of transformation.


We'll spend time each day on the water learning and practicing sailing together - as small group reflecting on what we have learned that can help us sail into a new season with faith, authenticity and joy!

Class 1: Exploring a New Environment

What is your dock?

How do you say goodbye?

How do you give yourself to a new reality?

Class 2: Trusting Your Boat

What makes for trust?

What's essential that you have and can count on?

How do you navigate the edge between safety and risk?

Class 3: Going Somewhere: Harnessing the Wind

What's your natural way to go?

What's your way to go now?

What's holding you back?

Class 4: Going Nowhere: Irons, Becalmed and Other Misadventures

What's your no-go zone?

How do you handle mistakes?

What needs rescuing?

Class 5: Coming Home

How do you know the journey is over?

How do you prepare to come home?

What difference did the journey make?

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