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Welcome to Broad Reach Ministries

A Soul Care Retreat Ministry

Our Mission: offer soul nurturing and inspirational escapes to energize pastors, disciples, seekers and the faithful serving the body of Christ.

Worship Enrichment & Soul Care for Pastors

Each Worship Enrichment & Soul Care Retreat offers pastors a unique opportunity to gather with a small group of colleagues to develop preaching & worship leading skills, share and collect seasonal liturgies, sermon stories, theological insights and meaningful rituals.

Spiritual Direction & Soul Care

Pulling out of the routine to pray, reflect and listen in a new space and in a new way helps us to better discern the winds of the Spirit. Gather with friends and open yourself to the questions of where and how God is opening up transition & transformation possibilities.

The above photo is the art of Kathleen G. Larsen.  

Day Sail Escapes

These half day sails are designed for pastors and their support networks. "Date Escape" for couples. "Relax and Renew" for friends. "Family Outing" for families.

Sailing Adventure Retreat

Sailing Adventure Retreat

Broad Reach Ministries coast of Maine sailing retreats offer soul nurturing and inspirational escapes to energize pastors, disciples, seekers and the faithful serving the body of Christ. These spiritual retreats take place on the Atlantic aboard Mistress, a 42' Hallberg-Rassey.

The above photo is the art of Sarah Elliot

Up Coming Retreats

There are still slots open for individuals as well as room for specialized group retreats in the 2018 season.  Please contact us for more information.

No upcoming events.


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Retreat Coordinator & Facilitator


Rev. AbbyLynn Haskell

AbbyLynn is an ordained pastor in the United Church of Christ and has served in the pastoral ministry setting since 1999.  

She is passionate about developing retreats that nurture the soul by growing and deepening in the life of faith. Each retreat enables pastors to return to the pulpit with fresh collections of worship stories, mission possibilities and a renewed spirit for celebrating and lifting up the wonder and power of the Gospel.  

Abby works with individuals & small groups to design specialized retreats and invites any interested group to contact her for more information.  She is also always on the prayerful look out for retreat leaders and would love to hear from you and more about your interests, gifts and areas of service in ministry.

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